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Bulk Rename Command

In addition to the conventional Bulk Rename Utility, we also now have a command-line version, called Bulk Rename Command.

For those of you who grew up with Windows, the command-line is the non-GUI way to perform commands on your PC. With DOS everything was driven from the command-line, but with Windows you have to access the command-line by clicking Start, Run, then typing cmd (or command, if you use Windows 98). You might think this sounds convoluted and backward, but a command-line utility can wield immense power if you are performing repetitive tasks. For example, you can:

  • Create scheduled jobs
  • Create a set of batch files which perform a single task, safe in the knowledge they will do exactly the same thing each time.
  • See exactly what command is being performed - no hidden settings
  • Be sure that you will always keep the command details -there are no config files to lose.

Bulk Rename Command (BRC) is targeted at system administrators and power-users, who need to perform specific tasks repetitively. For example, the renaming of log files, or the processing of backup files. As such, it does not contain some of the features of Bulk Rename Utility such as MP3-tag or EXIF tag processing and renaming using Javascript.

You can download BRC here.

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