Version is released
Posted by Jim Willsher on Saturday, 27th October 2007 at 12:29PM

BRU IconBulk Rename Utility version has been released, and contains the following changes:

Revision History
!=Bug, +=new feature / enhancement / change

+ Reinstate visual styles (some people like them, apparently)
+ Timestamp and File Attribute settings now stored in Favourites files
+ Handle additional TIFF structures
+ Document root now My Computer instead of Desktop (sorry, but it has to be)
+ Allow Insert At and Autonumber At to be negative (e.g. position from end)
+ Ensure that Escape key can cancel a scan
+ Disable Ctrl+A whilst scan is in progress
+ Timestamp dialog reformatted to accommodate new fields.
+ Allow the timestamps to be set to the "date taken" value
+ Include the Formatted file-size ( in the Clipboard Copy feature
! Timestamp "set to modified" was not reflected in the file list
! Clipboard Copy feature had misleading size for Folders
! Prevent screen corruption when closing whilst minimised.
! Prevent error on timestamp screen in non-GMT locales
! Remove the mysterious "D" from the Timestamp screen