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Bulk Rename Utility is released!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 2:28 pm
by Admin
Bulk Rename Utility is released. This is a major revision containing the following enhancements:

Revision History
!=Bug, +=new feature / enhancement / change 25/03/06
+ Replace the non-functioning RegExp "Match Case" box with "Include Extension"
+ Entries in the file/folder window now support the shell context-menu (right-click)
+ Entries in the tree window now support the shell context-menu (right-click)
+ New facility to show image-preview window (Ctrl+W)
+ Right-clicking files in Explorer now offers "Bulk Rename Here"
+ Allow changing of a file's Created and Modified dates
+ Allow exceptions to the change-case routine
+ Favourite name (on status bar) now shown without path to avoid truncation
+ Significant performance gains (list-building, Exif-extract, and name-generation)
+ Allow a section of filename to be copied or moved to a different position
+ No longer request confirmation when using the "revert" feature
! Improve the context-sensitive help (press F1 on virtually any field)

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