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Processing Network files and folders

Postby Admin » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:05 pm

In Version I made a change so that the "tree" root was My Computer; previously it was Desktop. The implication is that certain system folders (such as My Network Places and My Documents) no longer appear in the tree.

Some people experienced no problem with these special folders, but some people found that the folder appeared to be empty, even though Explorer showed that it contained files. As I couldn't recreate the issue, I disabled the functionality.

Starting with version I have allowed you to reinstate the old functionality. However I will not provide support for situations where people experience problems in these special folders.

If you wish to enable this functionality then you need to edit the Bulk Rename Utility.ini file (in the program folder) using a text editor, such as notepad. Underneath the line which says Preferences add a new line simply as:

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Desktop Root=1


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Desktop Root=1

When you restart the application, the "root" of the tree will now be Desktop instead of My Computer.
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