How to move contents of the renamed folder?

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How to move contents of the renamed folder?

Postby matejmeglic » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:07 pm

Hello everyone.

First and foremost, team, kudos for this app - you are killing it. I bow to you.

Now, to the problem.

I'm having a simple problem with the following folder structure

- 2019
- - 11
- - 12
- - - 25
- - - 26
- - - - Photo1.jpg

Now, I would like to (but from all help section and the forum am starting to believe that is not going to work) do the following:
- Rename folder 26 to 2019-12-26 (not a problem Append-folder-name (9 Prefix Sep. - Levels 2))
- Move renamed folder 2019-12-26 to Photos (not a problem Copy/move to location (13)) ALONGSIDE WITH contents of the said folder (Photo1.jpg) <-- Here is the problem, how can I do that, because regardless of what I try, BRU will only copy renamed folder WITHOUT it's contents.

Thank you for shedding some light on my problem (trying to fix Adobe Lightroom folder structure).

Best, M
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