Rename all files in subfolder without renaming folder

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Rename all files in subfolder without renaming folder

Postby Hockeyfreak » Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:30 am

I'm trying to add quality indicators to a bunch of movies that weren't included when setting up. I click the "Movies" folder, and all my subfolders appear. I add " - Bluray720p" to the suffix box on "Add", then in "Filters" I've read you are supposed to check Folders, Files, and Subfolders. First, this renames the Folders, which I don't want, second, it DOESN'T rename the files in all the subfolders. If I just have Subfolders clicked, nothing appears. If I just have Files and Subfolders clicked, it shows all the files, then I can click each one to rename, but there's 4x as many files (thousands) due to subtitles and everything. Going through and selecting each movie folder will take long enough, but would be great. Any help???
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Re: Rename all files in subfolder without renaming folder

Postby Luuk » Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:41 pm

Greetings, its sounding like you prefer the auto-selections?
This you can do with.. "Actions", "List", then to put checkmark in "Auto-Select All Items After Listing A Folder"
Then its only to put checkmarks in Filters(12) for "Files" and "SubFolder", but not the "Folders".

Im not knowing all quality numbers, but this for Filters(12) "Mask" to list files without "720p" or "1080p" in the names...
!*720p* !*1080p* *

The ! is like rifle to shoot the names with "720p" or "1080p" away, but must click the blue arrows by mask to shoot the rifle.
If already you finished typing inside the "Mask", then clicking the folders make the rifle to be automatic.
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