GOPRO Camera File Renaming

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GOPRO Camera File Renaming

Postby Admin » Tue May 04, 2021 8:12 am

To rename GOPRO files and bring the file numbers at the front of the file name:

GH010727.MP4 to 0727-01.MP4
GH010728.MP4 to 0728-01.MP4
GH010729.MP4 to 0729-01.MP4
GH010730.MP4 to 0730-01.MP4
GH010731.MP4 to 0731-01.MP4

Info on GOPRO renaming scheme:

Chaptered Video
“H” = AVC encoding
“X” = HEVC encoding
‘xxxx’ = file number
‘zz’ = chapter number

In BRU you can use:

RegEx (1)
Match: (.*)([0-9]{2})([0-9]{4})
Replace: \3-\2

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