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Bulk Rename Folders only

Postby Atat » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:15 am

I'd like to rename many, many music folders using metadata located on the files within those folders. pretty much want to set it up using this string. [Year] [Artist Name] - [Album Name] [Label - Catalogue #] [File Extension] exactly in that format. Is it possible?
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Re: Bulk Rename Folders only

Postby Luuk » Mon Jun 07, 2021 8:46 pm

Im thinking bru can move files into folder names like your description, but not rename the existing folders.
Also, the javascript probably conducts this best, because you can specify a whole-path using "newLocation".
But Im not expert to know the javacript, so just giving an example that uses many different options...

First, there must be a checkmark inside "Renaming Options, Advanced Options, Allow Using '\' in Renaming Criteria.
Then also checkmarks inside Renaming Options, ID3/ExifData/FileProperties, Extract ID3 Data and Extract Windows File Properties"
If the checkmarks were not there ahead of time, then must exit the bru to restart, so that bru can extract them.

Inside Add(7), testing with a "Prefix" like...
<[(System.Media.Year)]> [%r] [%l]--Unknown--<[(System.FileExtension)]>\
Except replacing --Unknown-- with whatever the english description means by "Label" and "Catalogue #" ?

Inside the file listing, you can right-click onto a music file, and then to choose "Show List of File Properties".
This can show you some metadata-names to put inside of <(here)> to present the "Label" and "Catalogue #".
But the problem for using Add(7) to create folders is that the path will always be relative!

So files like....
C:\users\luuk\music\rock\name1.mp3 =====> C:\users\luuk\music\rock\[year] [Artist] [Album]--Unknown--[.mp3]\name1.mp3
C:\SomeFolder\name2.mp3 ==============> C:\SomeFolder\[year] [Artist] [Album]--Unknown--[.mp3]\name2.mp3

So if needing exact paths, can use Copy/Move(13) with "Path" like C:\music\ to get new paths like....
C:\users\luuk\music\rock\name1.mp3 =====> C:\music\[year] [Artist] [Album]--Unknown--[.mp3]\name1.mp3
C:\SomeFolder\name2.mp3 ==============> C:\music\[year] [Artist] [Album]--Unknown--[.mp3]\name2.mp3
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