EML file search criteria

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EML file search criteria

Postby bilglas » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:32 pm

A folder filled with EML files (Windows Mail) can be sorted, in Explorer, by the e-mail's DATE ... not the modified date, not the creation date, but the actual date of the e-mail. It would be quite wonderful if there were a way for BRU to recognize this sort criteria, so that files could be named/numbered in consecutive order of the e-mail's date. If there IS a way, currently, to achieve that, I'd love to have someone explain it to me.

Anticipating a question: Why isn't the Creation Date the same as the date of the e-mail? The EML files in question were originally "trapped" inside DBX files (having come from Outlook Express) or the Outlook.PST file (having come from Outlook). When that conversion occurred, it set a new Creation Date for all those files. But the original DATE of the e-mail itself hasn't changed.

This is my first visit here. I love this utility so much, I would marry it, if the state of Kansas permitted such things.
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