Custom Color Options with Full Row Select

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Custom Color Options with Full Row Select

Postby Marcus » Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:11 pm

I would like to suggest that you make it possible to use full-row select at the same time as custom colors for 'New Name OK' and 'New Name Invalid'. I like to use full-row select, but would also like to be able to tell from color which rows are actually changing. This doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to change, since you already have both custom coloring and full-row select implimented, just not both at the same time (unless there is some way to do it I'm not finding...).

Even better would be if I could change the 'selected' color for the full-row select, as well as the 'change OK' and 'change invalid' colors. This would help me out a lot, because what I like to do is select everything, then go through the 'new names' column, looking for names that are not what I want (but may still be valid), and clicking on the 'new name' that I don't like/want. This works fine, except when the changes involved are really small (changing from 2 spaces to 1, for example, as part of the change), when my (somewhat old) eyes can't always tell at a glance if anything is changing or not.

Could my suggestion be implemented, or would it be too difficult/time-consuming? Thanks for your consideration, and for a really great utility.
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