filenames from BWF metadata

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filenames from BWF metadata

Postby sdog » Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:16 pm


This is the coolest rename utility in the known universe. Thanks for building this thing.

With current functionality, you can rename photographic files based on EXIF metadata. Even though it's not something I use, this is really cool.

I'd love to see an analogous feature to rename Broadcast Wave Files (BWF) based on the BWF metadata. You probably already know, but BWF is an audio file format that can contain metadata. BWFs are used extensively in the "audio for film and video" workflow. It would be really useful for indie film post production people to create file names based on various data in the BEXT chunk or iXML chunk of the file like the scene number, the take number, the Originating Time, or the TC, for example.

A quick overview of the BWF format is here:

Thanks for considering this!

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