Renaming folders, BRU doesn't refresh filesystem itself

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Renaming folders, BRU doesn't refresh filesystem itself

Postby razorrazor » Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:01 am

If BRU has a folder (directory whatever) open
and the folder is re-named or even deleted, BRU does NOT refresh itself to reflect the changes.

Yes, this is most needed feature, bru is amazing tool itself but you cant see changes of files/folders because it's not refreshes, you need to close and open folder in BRU once again to see changes of files in specific folder. Maybe if it's hard to make autorefresh of file system, you should integrate F+5 key combination for manual refresh. Also BRU is very slow by reading big collection of files for example in specific folder, it shows content of folder after quite long delay. These are major cons of BRU vs other software.
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