Maintain folder structure while moving from subfolders

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Maintain folder structure while moving from subfolders

Postby riderpaul » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:50 am

It would be really nice if there was an option to maintain the directory structure while moving them so, for example, the /(artist)/(album)/ structure could be maintained while fixing the file names.

When working with many thousands of files it would be nice to get the finished ones into a new base folder so the group of working files gets smaller as they are fixed. Then as a corollary, it would be great to be able to choose to move(/copy) or ignore files that are unaffected by the rename so one can decide to save them for another pass and move them all when done while having a way to manage duplicate names.

from 2006:
Would it not be possible for BRU to just make the folders and then move them in?
It would be possible I guess.

Here is a description of what the feature could look like:
  1. An extra option in New Location(13) called "Keep path" that moves (or copies) files with their relative paths, creating the directories as needed.
    • Then one could put say "C:\temp" in the Path option with the Subfolders option checked and keep the original directory structure.
    • When this option is set the "tree" could change to grey out or hide anything above the working root folder so one could select any folder under the root to work in while BRU maintains a constant root folder.
  2. An option to process or not process the unchanged files so one can decide if the selected files that are not altered should be moved or not.
  3. Clobber/No-Clobber/Keep Both option
    • "Clobber" over-writes
    • "No-Clobber" leaves the file without moving or renaming it
    • "Keep Both" appends the _1
    • Selecting "Clobber" could give a warning, but the clobbering itself should be silent.

I have used this program may once a year for years and LOVE IT every time! I have donated in the past and will do it again. Thank you!
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Re: Maintain folder structure while moving from subfolders

Postby Megalos » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:12 am

I like the 'Keep path' option too. That way, you could for example move or copy all the edited files to a new folder called 'Named' for example. Currently there's no way of entering a relative path. Now you have to rename all the files, manually create an empty folder called 'Named' and then manually move all the files to that new folder. Supporting relative paths would make these manual steps unnecessary.
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