Run in background - warn if path name too long

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Run in background - warn if path name too long

Postby Radnoaz » Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:50 am

I really like BRU. It has lots of features that I honestly have never used. :) My primary use for it is to determine if any of a group of files and subfolders within a folder have path names exceeding a certain number of characters. I do this to prevent problems when burning large groups of files to disc for backup purposes.

What I was wishing for tonight while dealing with this issue yet again was a small utility which I could just let run in the background all the time. Have it keep an eye on the total path length of files and folders as I create and work with them. Make a user adjustable setting so it can pop up a warning notice if the path length to a newly created folder and its files exceed some number, such as 180 characters. That would allow me to deal with these long path name as I unknowingly create them, rather than having to deal with dozens of them later when I want to burn a disc. I guess this might be more of a separate app than a feature in BRU, but I wasn't sure which way it would have to work.
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