Shuffle two lists the same way for renaming

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Shuffle two lists the same way for renaming

Postby Italick » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:14 pm


I think Bulk Rename Utility is great. I would like it to incorporate a simple means of giving two sets of files the same new random permutation.

This could be useful for shuffling flashcards saved in JPEG format, so that the answers move with the questions when the files are given a random renumbering.

I have learned how to do this with BRU, though it took quite a bit of thought to work this out.

Here is what I came up with:

1) Start by storing both sets in separate folders, using the same filenames. (e.g. Each set will have a 01.jpg and a 02.jpg and a 03.jpg and so on.)

2) In BRU, select all of the files in one set, and perform a random sort. In prefix mode, renumber all of the files with enough padding for the prefixes to all have the same length.

3) After the renaming in the last step is committed, select all of the files, remove the prefixes, and commit this change.

4) Create an undo batchfile.

5) Run the undo batchfile.

6) Move the reprefixed files to some other folder.

7) Put all of the files from the other set into the folder from which the files of first set was moved in the previous step.

8) Run the undo batchfile. Now both sets of files have been given the same new permutation when they are sorted by name, if the old permutation is understood to be the ordering of the files by their prior names.

9) If both sets of files should finally share a folder, rename one set of files with a suffix, so that the sets do not share names, and put them together.

It works, but it is not simple.
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