Rename in Multiple Folders at Once

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Rename in Multiple Folders at Once

Postby Mamagregory » Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:13 pm

Would be awesome if you could just highlight multiple folders on the upper left-hand side of the utility and then rename all the files within all those folders at once. So lets say I have three folders with 1-10 files each and I want to rename all of them to append _foldername. If you could just highlight all the folders rather than having to select one at a time this would save me a ton of time.

Thanks for creating such an awesome tool!

~ Galena
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Re: Rename in Multiple Folders at Once

Postby truth » Fri May 02, 2014 10:31 am

Alot of people request this, it would be a nice folder-select option.
For now, the best way is to select those folders in Explorer & drag them into BRU's right-pane.
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Re: Rename in Multiple Folders at Once

Postby mathonwy » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:04 am

I would like to echo this request.

I use Windows 8.1 and what I found to be a very useful feature is the search tool. In the explorer window, I type a particular string in the [Search this PC] field and recursively find all files that match the string.

What would be amazing additional functionality is bulk renamer being able to to create a virtual drive with all of the search results.

I'll give you a real life example.

I am what you call a obsessive compulsive digital cataloguer. I like my graphics and my audio files on my computer looking neat and tidy. I've found that if stuff isn't tidy, I lose track of it and will ultimately completely forget about it. What this means is I'm constantly looking for better ways to name my files and directories. Initially, I was using the artist name - song name convention but I decided after the fact that I wanted to see bit rate as well in the file name. So what this means is I have to manually go back into every directory I've altered up to now and change the file name to artist name - song name - bit rate. Quite a pain in the ass.

I have found that MediaMonkey is a fantastic tool to accomplish what I want to accomplish with my audio files. It has support for RegExp extensions which is awesome. However, I can't do graphics with Media Monkey which is where Bulk Renamer shines.

Sorry for the long winded explanation. I find this tool one of the best I've come across and I thank you for your continued support on it.
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