Clipboard Copy: Filename + Pathname

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Clipboard Copy: Filename + Pathname

Postby ThomasEChristensen » Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:51 pm

I use the clipboard copy function a lot when inserting information into excel, it's very handy. However, I would really like if I could copy filename + pathname (+ Ext) just as it's currently possible to copy filename + new filename.

I know that I can take first the filename, then the pathname, or choose the Extended file details but none of these solutions are perfect. With the first, I risk choosing different files on the second try (if I'm not very careful - I have a lot of files) and with the second, I ruin a lot of formulas in Excel when inserting the information (and I have to delete a lot of information). It's very important that the filenames etc. are inserted into the right cells/rows as I use the information to make formula-based hyperlinks (in Excel).

So, is it possible to make a "Filename + Pathname + Ext."-function in clipboard copy?

Thomas, Copenhagen
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