Change rank of naming tools, e.g. "prefixes"

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Change rank of naming tools, e.g. "prefixes"

Postby ThomasEChristensen » Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:22 pm

I have another, maybe a bit, peculiar problem. I want to change the "rank" of the different functions, e.g. between two "prefixes", but I can't.

The situation: I have a lot of files that I want to rename with the name of the folder (in which the files are placed) using the "Append Folder Name (9)" as prefix and add a number with "Numbering (10)", then a semicolon and still keep the filename at the end; e.g.: The folder is named "X.1.2", it has 10 files, one named "Articles of Association of 23 March 2014". I want it to be renamed as "X.1.2.1;Articles of Association of 23 March 2014". However, this is not possible to do: It can only say "1.X.1.2..."

The problem is that the prefix of "Numbering" comes before the prefix of "Append Folder Name". Hence, if I could choose between the order of the naming tools, so that the "Append Folder Name"-prefix came before the "Numbering"-one, I could solve the problem, getting "X.1.2.", then "1" followed by the rest.

I cannot use the Insert-mode since the length of the foldernames varies.

I should note, that it is possible to put the index no. "X.1.2.1" at the end, after "Articles", using "suffixes", but then you will have to move the index no. to the front and that can be quite cumbersome. There are a lot of people at my organisation who will have to do this, so it would just be fantastic and save a lot of time if we didn't had to.

I will therefore suggest that, if possible, users should be able to change the "rank" of the different naming tools. I would really improve an otherwise amazing renaming program.

I'm sorry if it is in fact already possible to do this and for then putting this post under "Suggestions"!

Thomas, Copenhagen
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