3 cool ideas

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3 cool ideas

Postby renamator » Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:16 am

hi guys.
i don't need to say that this tool is my favourite one. it has saved me thousands of hours, renaming my sample libraries.
it's just fantastic all the stuff that can be done.

though, i would like to have a couple of things implemented, that i think, would be useful to many users like me. here are some of the ideas.

1- i wish i could increase the font size on the right panel. sometimes, we have a smaller resolution, etc, and it would be cool to have bigger rows with bigger fonts. for example, "Everything" app, if we make a ctrl+ mouse scroll up or down, the font size will increase or decrease. specially cool after 2-3 hours of renaming work..

2- i wish i could do a right click on some files, and run a cmd file, cmd that would rename the files , but without the GUI.i've tried a few times, creating some cmd commands, but something must be wrong. that's why i wish we could set up our renaming schemes inside Bulk Rename (, like, adding a suffix, numbering, deleting some characters, etc), and when we are done, we just do an "export as cmd file". and we would have a cmd file that would work with the bulk rename utilities. let's say i create a simple rule that adds a the prefix "loop ". i call that rule "bulk rename--add prefix "loop ".
now, with another app, like file locator, everything, etc, i do a search, and i find 30, 300, etc files, that are located randomly, on the hard drive. instead of going folder by folder, on bulk rename, i would select the files i want, no matter if i select them on windows explorer, everything, etc etc, i do a right click, on the contextual menu, i choose "bulk rename.. add prefix loop", and voila.that cmd would call the bulk rename NO GUI app, and in silent mode, would apply that renaming scheme to the choosen files.

3. i wish i could swap the word positions in a file name. i explain:
let's say i have the file "128bpm house loop drum nokick.wav". each word separated by a "space" is a word.

for bulk rename,

128bpm is word 1
house is word 2
loop is word 3
drum is word 4
nokick is word 5

so, currently, the words are : 1 2 3 4 5

what i would like to be able to do, now, is changing that order:
i would type 2 4 3 5 1
and that would rename the file like "house drum loop nokick 128bpm.wav"

to make things even more simple, bulk rename would have a little space for it, on the main window, and depending on the file name, bulk rename would color each word, ex: word 1 in green, word 2 in red, word 3 in yellow, etc, so we can know exactly which word is associated with which number. we could then swap the number positions, and that would swap the text, within the file name. maybe sounds a bit complicated, but it's super simple. and it would be useful. often, we don't want to modify the filename, we only want to move a word to the beginning, another to the end, move a digit, a character, a ., .., +, -, _, etc, to another position, etc etc.

actually, i could easily find hundreds of ideas for bulk rename. just like anybody else. it's not that the app is missing stuff, no. it's that it is soo fking cool and great to use it, that we would like to be able to integrate some basic fonctions of some other apps, into bulk rename, that would make it even better and better. a super ultra hyper tool, in another words :)

of course, being free, i don't think there is a team of 40 coders working 40 hours a week on bulk rename..that's why any cool idea that the dev(s) might want to add, it may take some weeks, months, etc. which is normal.

i was thinking about another little idea: i wish there was some kind of vertical panel, on the right hand side, with some sort of big icons, that would be shortcuts for some rules we use often. we could then have 10-20 quick-access icons, that would have some renaming rules, from other sessions. so if we need to do a particular renaming, we know that icon 3 will do that, so we click it, the different fields and rules will be filled up with the right data, and we only need to click on rename, and it's done.

can we translate it ? can we translate a manual (assuming there is one) ?

thanks for reading :)
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