Paste path and multiple undo steps, plus one more.

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Paste path and multiple undo steps, plus one more.

Postby Ivanovich » Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:07 am

Hi i love your program i tried about 20 renamers paid and free and chose this one because it supports Unicode, bug free and very responsive preview generation and has no need to build actions that i find to be time waster...

What i'd like to see in new version is:

1. Ability to paste folder path like in windows explorer could you place it right below menu, i have very deep nested folders and if i am on very deep folder in explorer i'd like to copy path to your program to not need to navigate twice.

2. Bookmark folders or change default start-up folder feature would be useful too.

I rename in bulk a lot and in many cases they each file out of 100 has different problems i am trying to solve say file 1 has underscores instead of space, file 2 has dots instead of space, file 3 has brackets, file 4 has last 3 characters i need to remove, file 5 has dashes etc...
I don't like other renamer software because they have tasks/actions whatever you call them in other words you have to add each action separately from some drop-down to the list of actions that performed when you click rename. I find this up most waste of my time as in above scenario i cannot build perfect actions and rather have to do step by step. First rename remove dashes, second rename remove underscore, third rename remove dots etc and i find it much faster to first do simple rename and then look at files and see what else needs to be done.
Your program has all the rename options as tabs in one place and no need to build actions i like that.
3a. However i'd like to be able to have option to show only one tab at a time as i only really do one action at once.

3b. Or if that's too complicated could you at least add ability to collapse tab i dont ever use so it dont distract me when i am looking action i need to preform.

4. Another thing i find need a lot when renaming 100+ files is ability to undo multiple times like 10 or more. Sometimes i mess up files and only see it when i renamed them 5 times so i need to undo 5 times and try again.

5. Maybe you can make undo button next to rename some people don't know about Ctrl+Z.

6. Ability to cut/copy/paste folder or file with Ctrl+X Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. Also i think its bug that when you cut or paste folder/file inside program interface and paste somewhere using windows explorer it still shows in inside program file browser before folder manually re-navigated to.

Also can you make pasting file to currently open folder rather than inside selected folder.

7. Always on a top is enabled even when unchecked.

8. Can you make feature to move all files out of the folders for opened directory sub folders, would be nice if there was filter for this action like by extension.

9. Make a preview column for content in folder if there's movie show movie icon if there audio show audio icon, ISO image show cd icon etc and maybe load popup description with first 5-10 files in folder when you hover over folder name for a second

Thanks in advance.
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