Couple of suggestions / questions

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Couple of suggestions / questions

Postby [-WallyGator-] » Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:06 pm

I just discovered BRU, what a pitty I didn't discover it years ago ! Great tool.

I have been playing around with it, and there are some things I miss or haven't discovered (yet) :

- It seems impossible to use Network Storages (shares) without having to do a Map Network Drive (which I prefer not to do)
- I discovered the Clipboard Copy, but how pitty is it that the same (or similar Export) in the BRU-import format (with the |) isn't possible. --> would allow to prepare the majority by BRU, modify the exceptions in the file with an editor, and use the modified file as import in BRU
- It's great to have the Create Undo Batchfile, but I wished there was also a Create Batchfile --> to prepare the renames for a friend NOT using BRU (not everybody has the needed skills)
- When the New Location (13) is in use, all files are moved/copied, even those which are not renamed because they don't match the criteria. It would be handy to be able to toggle this, which would allow to see easily any leftovers after a rename
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