Rename sorted Files from List

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Rename sorted Files from List

Postby Knochenjonny » Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:26 pm

I have seen the function Rename-Pairs and have to say its the most useless Feature that BRU offer. ( For me :D )

You have to copy Each original Filename and than the new one, only this mask is working. Filenames have to match.
I mean do you try to make this with lets say 12 Files ?
You have to right click -> rename -> mark -> copy -> paste -> write new name
(I Know there is a Dos command to get all files in a list and this can be copied) but this takes the same or more time as to manual rename the files one by one for yourself.

So why dont make a Feature that supports textfiles too but working different.

Each line stands for one file.
Select your files and first text line is the name for the first file and second text line is for the second file and so on.
So if i want to rename a MP3 Album and get the song names from a website i can copy these to a text file and each line is a file name.
So i select the Album that contains lets say 13 titles and have make a text file with 13 Lines each containing the song name and interpret or whatever you prefer load your text and mark all files you want to rename.
The Rename Order should be from top to bottom but you can change the sort oder in BRU like name or time modified so if you want to rename it the other Way (like the last mp3 should get the first text line)

I think that this could be a nice to have feature.
Only my Opinion ^^

Thanks for such a powerfull Tool
Greetings from Germany ;)
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