Number ordering wrong if not use 000 as prefix and hard to C

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Number ordering wrong if not use 000 as prefix and hard to C

Postby Bently Kelva » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:34 pm


I know its not your fault it is releated machine codes but i know also it could be fix easly and better after that.

My big problem is if i had files with numbered 1,2,3,.. 122,123,124 etc. it cant ordered right for human view.

Its goes numbers very different order so its also very hard to change or give zero zero 00 prefix for them too!
I often use name ordered for that files but before or after that i have to work as piece to piece and realy hard work.

Please fix this alignments as correct order so we could easly rename our all files in just one movement.

... if name ordered like that its not possible to select all and rename it :(

for that reson i always use 000 prefix for my files but if i got it from outside very hard to change i always use 5-10 times more to change their names as a piece groups to pieces group very sadly :(

so please can you please make a new patch which name ordered correct as humans counts like 12345678910111213141516171819202122... and so on..
Bently Kelva
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