Adding Fields to sort

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Adding Fields to sort

Postby Jeff » Fri Apr 22, 2005 3:46 pm

Hello, first I'd like to say great program! I've been using it since last November. I have over 12,000 digital photos and went through the process of renaming them to include the date taken in the file name. I store the orginals on DVD and store a compressed copy on the hard drive for reference and viewing. You lose the date taken info when the files are compressed and recopied, so I included the date taken in the file name. From there I create a filelisting in txt format with a bat file, I convert the txt file to excel for recording purposes.

Well enough of the intro, now to my new situation and suggestion. I know that this can be done in other ways, but involves a few more steps. I am presently working on my MP3 collection with 5000+ files. I am painfully adding the date of release to the MP3 tags of each file. I have quite a few compiliation cds that when after you do a CDDB query, it will return the year of the release of the comp cd, not the individual song. Now, on Win XP explorer, in the folders where I store the MP3s, I've selected the field of "Year" which reads the ID tag of the mp3 and displays it in the list of details.
My goal is to add the "year" from the year field to the mp3
(or any file type and/or any other selectable field from explorer). I was wondering if it would be feasible to add this to BRU in the same style as Add (6) or Add Date (7) ).
I know that I could create folders and name them Year xx and so forth, then sort the mp3s by "year", place them in their respective folders, and use BRU to Add Suffix and manually add the year.
If BRU is already capable of doing this, please inform. If this is not possiable or requires too much resources (especially for a free program!) it is understandable.

Thanks again for the great utility!
Jeff Steen
Port Arthur, TX, USA
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Postby Erich » Mon May 09, 2005 9:41 pm

There are other programs that do that. The program that seems to work best for my needs as of now is called ID3-TagIT:

it allows for batch renaming of MP3s from ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, and also allows tagging of files from their file names as well. Unfortunatly, I dont think it works with Ape tags or Vorbis tags, and it doenst work on alternate media files such as FLAC, but the interface allows better manipulation of the ID3 tags than other programs Ive used.

It would be nice to see BRU intergrate a more thorough Metadata <-> File system, but until then, run of the mill tag editors work fine. I use ID3-TagIT along side BRU for best results.
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