A way of changing to caps after _-_

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A way of changing to caps after _-_

Postby Ronj » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:07 pm

What I want to do is change the artist to caps after _-_ unless there is already a way to do this.
This is what I have :
Hell No_-_Ingrid Michaelson.mp3
Hometown Girl_-_Josh Turner.mp3
Hair_-_Little Mix.mp3
Livin The Dream_-_Drake White.mp3
Middle Of A Memory_-_Cole Swindell.mp3

This is the way I want it to look:
Hometown Girl_-_JOSH TURNER.mp3
Hair_-_LITTLE MIX.mp3
Livin The Dream_-_DRAKE WHITE.mp3
Middle Of A Memory_-_COLE SWINDELL.mp3
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