Automatic Rename & Close when opening from context menu

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Automatic Rename & Close when opening from context menu

Postby bulkman » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:39 am

I use BRU with one favorite .bru file daily to rename a batch of files. Ever since you added the auto-select entries option (thank you!) under the Display Options > List, it would be great to have an option that will automatically execute the Rename when BRU opens via the context menu (aka right-click) and then close the program once completed.

Obviously this is a scary option but if the user is sure their setup is bullet proof this would truly make executing a batch rename from the context menu exceptionally seamless. Also, it would allow me to set up this batch on other user's computers who aren't as savvy to take advantage of the time saving application but without having to click in the program and potentially change something. For them, it would be right-click, click. done.

Thanks for reading and thank you to the developer for continuing your time improving this application. Appreciated.

(side suggestion: possible to lock a .bru file so users can't easily change it but visible allow them to unlock to make updates? This would help prevent accident changes even from season users)
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