Some suggestions

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Some suggestions

Postby Erich » Mon May 09, 2005 9:30 pm

First, and formost, this is the best renaming utility I've used thus far. The one I used to use was File Monkey, and though that was also a great program (despite shareware :( ), BRU has some great functionality that I utilize all the time.

The only thing I miss from said program, though, is the ability to use what was reffered to as "runs", or multiple batch renames run one after the other. Like if I wanted to do two numberings, one prefix and one inserted, or one hex and the other base8, I would set one run, set the other, and then hit rename and it would do it. would that be a future possibility, to hit a button called "add run" which would cache all previous commands, clear the boxes, and let you add more? things like that saved as favourites would be pretty powerful.

I guess idealy it would be best for the user to define each item seperatly in a batch, in whatever order, adding them one by one and repeating as necessary, so that an example batch could run like

Regex (1)
Add (6)
Number (9)
Add (6)
Date (7)
Extention (10)

Also, is it possible to allow for greater manipulation of the timestamp? Like the timestamp on this message forum, generated through PHP code:

like a line in the auto date custom box that can allow for variables, so that I can type:


and get:


There should be c++ options for doing that, as well, that utilize ISO 8601.

Im just tossing ideas out, regardless of whether you impliment them or not. Either way, thanks a lot for the time and effort put into the program, its up there with Edit Pad as one of my most used.

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Postby Admin » Tue May 10, 2005 6:49 am

Hi Erich,

Mnay thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not sure about the "chaining" of renames, as I'm not sure if this would be messy or not. But I will have a look.

With regards to the date formats, you can already do this but entering a custom date. This allows you to format a date in whichever format you like, according to the formats supported by C++ (note that the PHP formats are more extensive).

Hope this helps,

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