numbering with the date frame

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numbering with the date frame

Postby Andrew_AA » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:23 am

Hi guys! Can anybody help me?
I have a very big foto archive so file names star dublicatin sevrrsl times. I need to put all the foto into one directory. Also som part of the archive dublicated in difeferent places. So I need to rename all the files to try to keep them in order.
I try to you this useful software but I think I do not find all the options.
I use options "Remove@ and remove all the digits and words from the name. At the seme teme I use "Autodate" and "numbering". They have almost unic names but in differen folgers they might have the same. To be shure that it is a full duplicates I think I need to change the names in the way then the numbering is starts in every date. For ex. IMG 154654 -> 15101101. Is there any special command for this? or this is impossible&
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Re: numbering with the date frame

Postby KenP » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:51 am

If I'm understanding this correctly you're trying to give all the files unique names regardless of which folder they're in, it seems like you must be changing the names of the files one folder at a time, what you need to do is select all the files in all the folders then rename them.

In the folder tree view pane browse to the master directory that contains the folders and make the files in all the folders available for selection by using "Filter (12)", you can then use Remove, Auto Date and Numbering to rename the files with unique names.

Filter (12)
Folder: Unchecked
Subfolders: Checked
(This will make all the files in the sub-folders available for selection)
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