Several little suggestions and refinements

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Several little suggestions and refinements

Postby JMM » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:27 pm

I've been a heavy BRU user for years and it's awesome, best renaming utility I've used in my two decades of experience with them (only one single shortcoming in the whole application as far as I'm concerned). I've been kind of out the loop and recently upgraded to 3.0 and its new interface. I'd like to suggest a few small changes and improvements to polish the new interface. I see it has been around almost a year, but it's new to me.

* A checkbox to have active or not the 'Copy/move to location (13)'. Every other criteria (except 'Filters (12)' of course) has a checkbox and reset button, but this one only has a reset button. I hope it's not too hard to implement.

* When using the fabulously useful Clipboard Copy function, I miss being able to get only the path of the selected files. I can get the full pathname both directly on the menu or as one of the Extended Details. The Extended Details also have the full pathname, also the 'parent folder', but not 'full path without the filename'. I'd like this to be implemented, possibly best inside Extended Details as a new column.

* When the window is maximized, Copy/Move To Location (13) is by far the largest, widest criteria on screen, while I would prefer Filters (12) to use all that space. You can only have one folder in 13, but you can have multiple filters and that narrow input box for them can be quite irritating when reviewing/changing the filters. So, for example, adjust that both criterias take half of the available width, or put a split bar in the middle so one can move it left and right and adjust the widths at will.

* When a file couldn't be renamed (name already exists, too long filename, etc.) two options appear, 'yes' to ignore the error and 'no' to stop the process. A 'yes to all' to keep the process on and ignore all subsequent errors without showing the error window and keep having to click 'yes' everytime. (Inspired by a recent post by Zorthex.)

* A combo box for the mask in 'Filters (12)' to keep at hand the last used filters, let's say the last 5 for example. (This could easily escalate to have a combo box for similar usage in every input field, but I think this place is where it would be most useful.)

Thanks again for this wonderful program! I hope to see at least the first suggestions in ^_^

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