Allow Same Folder Renaming

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Allow Same Folder Renaming

Postby Karnivore » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:31 pm

I've got a single folder on my USB stick containing thousands of images I've taken on my various phones throughout the years, and i've started a process of sorting them so it doesn't bog my PC down when scrolling through the folder/trying to find one.

For a very large portion of the files they contain a unique identifier at the beginning of the file name, with the rest as random letters/numbers.

I wanted to put them into folders based on that unique set of digits, so I tried to be clever and used Files2Folder (so all the images went into separate folders based on the same file name), then tried to use BRU to remove all the random digits after the first 5 letters of the folder so it could do what Windows Explorer does and combine them for me (same folder name, so combine it, only flag up a warning if the file names are the same, which in my case they aren't).

Problem? BulkRenameUtility doesn't like it, and tells you it won't process something if it has the same name. I can understand that not working for files, but folder names should just combine, in fact Windows Explorer would end doing this automatically once the rename process has finished. Perhaps this could be something to add under under 'Renaming Options'?
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