Screen Layout: Three horizontal sections; Reordering Columns

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Screen Layout: Three horizontal sections; Reordering Columns

Postby jmazor » Wed Jun 08, 2005 1:16 pm

:roll: Hello, again. The part of the screen that displays the existing and new file/folder names is way too narrow when I have long filenames. Do you think that you can:

1. Modify (or allow the user to modify) the layout: Instead of having the tree and file/folder list sections side-by-side, make both of them as wide as the screen. The result would be three screen-wide sections (i.e., from top to bottom: tree, files/folders, parameters). The tree could even toggle (visable/invisible) so that the user could see more of the file/folder list.

2. Allow the user to re-order the columns;

3. Allow the user to select/deselect which columns (such as Type, Size, Created, Modified, etc. to display;
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