UI Overhaul, and a smaller suggestion

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UI Overhaul, and a smaller suggestion

Postby EazyCheeze1978 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 11:46 am

Hello all! Hope you're doing very well.

I'm sorry to create an account and then just simply drop a massive suggestion on you all right away, but I've had some issues with the user interface somewhat recently, but it is just so useful that I've stuck by it through thick and thin for years; I'll always use it even if this is not implemented.

I have a suggestion for the next iteration of the user interface, if one is in the works. If not, I hope this may prove to be an inspiration. I have prepared a somewhat rough sketch that may illustrate things a little bit better, and I'll attempt to explain things a bit further than I could with the image.


As you can see, I left the file list more or less alone, with the exception of being able to resize it freely using a resizing handle like you see in a lot of UI implementations; simply place the mouse cursor over a window pane, see a different icon, click and drag and a ghost line moves and determines the new size of the window part, and the size is set when you release the mouse cursor.

What I've done on the bottom of the window is clear up a lot of the visual clutter and make it more elegant for a somewhat modern design. Gone are all of the search command details at once, but on the left are the search commands that you can click on. They each have their checkmarks that are on by default, as current, but of course do not activate until you type something into the details fields.

The details are now on the right and dynamically changing as you click the commands on the left. It's not really any different, all told, from the more modern settings dialogs in full-featured programs, which evolved from tabbed dialogs to a list of categories the user clicks on the left, and the content is displayed on the right.

The difference now is that the search commands are draggable and droppable so the user may determine the order in which the commands are executed upon the selected file names. An exemplar, or preview, of the commands' execution, drawn from the file selection (perhaps the first file selected in the list) would be displayed somewhere near the command details on the right-hand pane, to prevent the user having to look up to see the results all the time.

Well, that's the basic gist of what I'm looking for going forward. Again, if this cannot be done, that's totally all right, and I'll keep using the program no matter what; it's just that awesome and vital and I cannot imagine my computing life without it.


Oh, and one more thing: down in the filters area, I'd like to see a check box for "sub-sub-folders" (or even more nested folders?) to go along with "subfolders", so that users may work rename commands upon files that are also nested two (or more?) deep, instead of only one deep.

That's the way I've set up my images folder, and having recently worked amazing artificial intelligence upscaling magic on a group of them and saved the upscales to a separate folder and re-created the original directory structure, I'd like to tag them with a (G) all at once before merging them back to the original directories, without having to go into each first-level folder with the subfolders filter option checked.

For the record, however, I've just discovered that this functionality is actually available in a different way (for media files only) with the XnView MP image viewer program. And with a click I shall accomplish my task I set out in the previous paragraph - but still, to have that functionality available for all file types, and with one program that already has all other rename tasks in it, would be great!


All right, I guess that's it. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day, and take care. Looking forward to great things from this program, even if they aren't exactly the way I outline here. I love this program so much!
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