BRU 2,7,0,4 won't recognize certain time stamps

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BRU 2,7,0,4 won't recognize certain time stamps

Postby guillermo » Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:49 am


I currently have BRU 2,7,0,4 on my vista laptop and find that it won't recognize changes to the exif time stamp data made under Adobe Lightroom. I am a photographer and need to change the "taken" time stamps on jpgs occasionally - to synch images taken with various cameras used at a wedding properly. Certain versions of your program recognize "taken" time stamp changes made under Adobe Lightroom - the only program I know that makes the changes I need - and certain versions won't. Version 2,2,9,0 does a perfect job of recognizing the time stamp changes, but since that version I don't know of any versions of BRU that do. Fortunately, I have the older versions on various computers - but it would be nice to have that ability also available on my newest computers. The older versions won't install on Vista or I would do that. Thank you!

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Re: BRU 2,7,0,4 won't recognize certain time stamps

Postby Ardwych » Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:41 pm

Lightroom 2 is now out, Guillermo. Let us know if there's any improvement?
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