Rename files via search from any path

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Rename files via search from any path

Postby ibanezjg » Fri Feb 26, 2021 7:51 am

A lot of my media files come in separated folders, which makes renaming quite difficult in batches.

Is there a possibility of adding a search feature inside of a folder (including subfolders) of files with a specific name or extension and being able to renaming them that way?

That would reduce time putting all files into one folder to commit the changes I'd need for Movie subtitles as an example and the like.

If there was a file location column that could be added too which shows where the files are, and alternatively we could apply the name of the folder to the files that'd also be amazing.

Thanks for your time, really enjoying the utility otherwise! Donations to follow :D
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Re: Rename files via search from any path

Postby Luuk » Fri Feb 26, 2021 11:14 pm

Inside the Filters(12), there is "Mask" for "search feature". Like using *.jpg to search only the jpg files, or *.jpg *test* to search all jpg files and files with "test" anywhere in the name, or *.jpg !*Copy.jpg *test* to search all jpg files except ending with "Copy", and files with "test" in the name.

The Filters(12) also has "Subfolder" checkbox to search all of the sub folders. For the "file location column", you can right click the list header to choose "Sub Dir.", then can sort by the sub folders. Without knowing more details, this the best I can type.
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