BUG: Character Translations

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BUG: Character Translations

Postby GMA » Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:39 am

I'm still not sure if this should go in the "BRU Suport" or the "Suggestions" forum; I suppose the latter fits better :D
There's a bug with the "Character Translations" feature: you can only make it work if you're using it along with Repl. (3); it won't work by itself or with any of the other functions.

1. Open BRU and go to "Options > Character Translations"
2. Add some translations and press OK to close the dialog.
3. Select your files and press "Rename".

The translations won't be applied (you don't even have to try renaming, since you can already tell by the preview that it isn't working). The only solution is to add something to Repl. (3). None of the other fields seems to make it work.
Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

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