Date Format - Y-M-D_HHMMSS (ex. 2009-03-27_150649)

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Date Format - Y-M-D_HHMMSS (ex. 2009-03-27_150649)

Postby kirkbrode » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:11 pm

BRU is an excellent application! It is a great help to me.

Please add a Date Format menu option to format the filename time/date stamp as Y-M-D_HHMMSS. For example "2009-03-27_150649.jpg".

Or consider making it possible to format the Date part and Time part separately.

It is easy to create a time/stamp like "2009-03-27-15-06-49.jpg" but that is confusing. It requires quite a few steps to reach the end product I need.

Thank you!!
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Re: Date Format - Y-M-D_HHMMSS (ex. 2009-03-27_150649)

Postby GMA » Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:13 am

Hi, kirkbrode:
You can get the date/time format you want by entering the following in the Auto date (8) > Custom box:


Set Auto date (8) > Mode as "Prefix" or "Suffix", wathever you want. Or if you want just the date/time as the file name (e.g. "2009-03-27_150649.jpg") instead of it being ADDED to the original name, use also File (2) > Name: Remove.

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