Shell Context Menu for a selection of files

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Shell Context Menu for a selection of files

Postby kotetsujeeg » Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:16 pm

Bulk rename utility is very good.
I used other renemer in the past. They weren't so good. But all of them had one feature that BRU doesn't have!
BRU only has context menu if you select one or more folders.
It hasn't got a context menu for a selection of files!

This is feature that is faster then light!

It works this way:
You select the files you want to rename in explorer, righe click of your mouse and choose "Bulk rename utility". Bang! BRU opens, shows the content of the folder you were in explorer and it select automatically the files you select in explorer.
You are ready to rename in one (right) click!

You have to add this soooo handy!

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