Rename Import Pairs- Urgent

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Rename Import Pairs- Urgent

Postby Pinonze » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:38 pm

Dear Admin,

I tried using rename import pairs and it doesnt work. I am trying to rename folders and files to russian. i have used all Encoding options , UTF8, unicode and so on and it errors out ( as in nothing happens).

see below

1|1 Корпоративные документы
1.1|1.1 Учредительные документы
1.1.1|1.1.1 ОАО «Мечел»
1.1.2|1.1.2 ОАО «Челябинский металлургический комбинат»

the above does not work

my version of Bulk Rename utility is would i need to install the latest version

please advise.

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