Multipe "Bugs", Suggestions and Tips :)

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Multipe "Bugs", Suggestions and Tips :)

Postby RoySAC » Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:19 pm

I signed up for the forums a while ago and it took a number of days before my account was activated, so I posted my suggestions in detail at my personal blog, where I also reviewed BRU in general btw. Link to Post (jumping right to the suggestions part):

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You have to copy'n paste the URL into your browsers address bar, because hyperlinking of URLs seems to be disabled in the forum. Sorry for the inconvenienc.

The suggestions include the following subjects:

    1) Replace Accented Characters: You do something not 100% correct here. Also some ideas how to improve on some related features.
    2) Change Case to "Title" Type/Style: some flaws and some suggestions for improvement
    3) Amiga File Names and Extensions: basically an option to make the "file name" to the "extension" in case of file names where the extension is the first part of the file as typically done on the amiga, such as "mod.this_is_a_cool_protracker_module.by_some_dude" to "this_is_a_cool_protracker_module.by_some_dude.mod"

I hope my suggestions and comments make sense. If you have any questions or remarks, let me know. Here or via comment at my blog post.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC
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