Renaming folder based on file metadata

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Renaming folder based on file metadata

Postby newman » Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:03 am


I have music folders with loads of music in it. I had it all organized as follows:
Artist Name/(Year) Album Name/ Track# - TrackName
However, I had some problems backing up old files (these included) and after retrieving from my iPod, through iTunes (no judging pls :oops: ), I now have this:
Artist Name / Album Name / Track# TrackName
It's not that big of a deal if it's "Track# TrackName" instead of "Track# - TrackName (although it'd be nice to change that too)", but the year in parenthesis in front of the album name is really essential for my organization, and it's too many folders to do it manually.

So, all files have proper metadata, which include year of the albums. Any suggestions on how could the script be written so that such year could be retrieved from the files' metadata on each subfolder (albums) and put that year in parenthesis in front of the Album Name?

Thanks in advance :D
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Re: Renaming folder based on file metadata

Postby Stefan » Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:59 am


you mean: for each folder, take the ID3 tag from one file inside, next rename the very same folder by that data?

I fear that's behind the scope of BRU.
But there are dedicated MP3 / ID3 meta data tools out there, which may have such feature.

BRU is best for renaming files and folder by manipulation just the names. Not for such scripting thingy :D

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