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Postby » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:36 pm

Hello all, I have the next problem, I need to rename the files at the left of the screen in the way show in the right side of the screen. It is adding one unit to the value in the ().



JTHBA30G645033824_1 (1) JTHBA30G645033824_2
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (2) JTHBA30G645033824_3
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (3) JTHBA30G645033824_4
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (4) JTHBA30G645033824_5
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (5) JTHBA30G645033824_6
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (6) JTHBA30G645033824_7
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (7) JTHBA30G645033824_8
JTHBA30G645033824_1 ( JTHBA30G645033824_9
JTHBA30G645033824_1 JTHBA30G645033824_1
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (1) JTHBA30G945009033_2
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (10) JTHBA30G945009033_11
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (11) JTHBA30G945009033_12
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (12) JTHBA30G945009033_13
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (13) JTHBA30G945009033_14
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (14) JTHBA30G945009033_15
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (15) JTHBA30G945009033_16
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (16) JTHBA30G945009033_17
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (17) JTHBA30G945009033_18
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (2) JTHBA30G945009033_3
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (3) JTHBA30G945009033_4
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (4) JTHBA30G945009033_5
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (5) JTHBA30G945009033_6
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (6) JTHBA30G945009033_7
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (7) JTHBA30G945009033_8
JTHBA30G945009033_1 ( JTHBA30G945009033_9
JTHBA30G945009033_1 (9) JTHBA30G945009033_10
JTHBA30G945009033_1 JTHBA30G945009033_1
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (1) JTHFN48Y240050576_2
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (10) JTHFN48Y240050576_11
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (11) JTHFN48Y240050576_12
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (12) JTHFN48Y240050576_13
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (13) JTHFN48Y240050576_14
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (14) JTHFN48Y240050576_15
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (15) JTHFN48Y240050576_16
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (16) JTHFN48Y240050576_17
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (17) JTHFN48Y240050576_18
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (1 JTHFN48Y240050576_19
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (19) JTHFN48Y240050576_20
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (2) JTHFN48Y240050576_3
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (20) JTHFN48Y240050576_21
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (21) JTHFN48Y240050576_22
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (22) JTHFN48Y240050576_23
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (23) JTHFN48Y240050576_24
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (24) JTHFN48Y240050576_25
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (25) JTHFN48Y240050576_26
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (26) JTHFN48Y240050576_27
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (27) JTHFN48Y240050576_28
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (3) JTHFN48Y240050576_4
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (4) JTHFN48Y240050576_5
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (5) JTHFN48Y240050576_6
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (6) JTHFN48Y240050576_7
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (7) JTHFN48Y240050576_8
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 ( JTHFN48Y240050576_9
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 (9) JTHFN48Y240050576_10
JTHFN48Y240050576_1 JTHFN48Y240050576_1
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Postby Admin » Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:40 pm


What you really need to do here is use Regular Expressions to isolate the numeric portion of the name, then remove that portion and use an Autonumber.

I've been thinking about this today (since I saw your other posting on the same subject), about adding a facility to increment an existing number. Is this something you have to do frequently or is it a one-off exercise?

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Postby » Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:38 am

Hi Jim, this is something I do in a daily basis; I take several pictures of vehicles (Exterior and Interior). You can see one of them in the next link ... 6207098b0d

For each vehicle I rearrange the pictures in a specific order and rename them using windows rename where they are number automatically in the way show in the left column.

The first 17 Character are the Vehicle Identification Number and the sub sequential ones the order the should show. I tried to rearrange the pictures using the picture viewer and the numbering(10) but it takes for ever (sometimes I have up to 25 pics for each vehicle), NO THUMBNAIL VIEWER?

I also tried the RegEx(1), but got stuck because I do not know how to increase (1) to 2 and so one. When I use Reg Ex


Remove space and () characters but then I run in the problem with the (..) when I have 1 to 9.

What I am doing right now is using DDFileCatcher software where I can copy all the files names to an excel sheet work them and finally create an ASC file and them use Bulk Rename Utility Software/Import Rename-Pairs.


Erwin Suarez Manzano

Original Name from Windows Desire Name
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (1) JTHBA30G145015442_2.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (2) JTHBA30G145015442_3.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (3) JTHBA30G145015442_4.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (4) JTHBA30G145015442_5.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (5) JTHBA30G145015442_6.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (6) JTHBA30G145015442_7.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (7) JTHBA30G145015442_8.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (8) JTHBA30G145015442_9.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 (9) JTHBA30G145015442_10.jpg
JTHBA30G145015442_1 JTHBA30G145015442_1.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (1) JTHBA30G645033824_2.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (10) JTHBA30G645033824_11.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (11) JTHBA30G645033824_12.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (12) JTHBA30G645033824_13.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (2) JTHBA30G645033824_3.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (3) JTHBA30G645033824_4.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (4) JTHBA30G645033824_5.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (5) JTHBA30G645033824_6.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (6) JTHBA30G645033824_7.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (7) JTHBA30G645033824_8.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (8) JTHBA30G645033824_9.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 (9) JTHBA30G645033824_10.jpg
JTHBA30G645033824_1 JTHBA30G645033824_1.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (1) WDBRF61J92F226133_2.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (10) WDBRF61J92F226133_11.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (11) WDBRF61J92F226133_12.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (12) WDBRF61J92F226133_13.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (13) WDBRF61J92F226133_14.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (14) WDBRF61J92F226133_15.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (15) WDBRF61J92F226133_16.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (16) WDBRF61J92F226133_17.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (2) WDBRF61J92F226133_3.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (3) WDBRF61J92F226133_4.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (4) WDBRF61J92F226133_5.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (5) WDBRF61J92F226133_6.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (6) WDBRF61J92F226133_7.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (7) WDBRF61J92F226133_8.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (8) WDBRF61J92F226133_9.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 (9) WDBRF61J92F226133_10.jpg
WDBRF61J92F226133_1 WDBRF61J92F226133_1.jpg
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Postby Admin » Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:15 am

I don't think this is something which could be easily added. If you only had the one number in the filename then I could easily add an "increment" feature but you don't, you have several numbers. That means I'd also have to add some controls on the screen for you to specify which number to increment - and there just isn't the room on the screen.

Unless you've any ideas?

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Postby lnb » Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:49 am

Hi Erwin,

If I may, I think that the following might do what you want. It is a bit clunky in that you have to manually select the vin file group (or use 'vin*' as a filter under "Selections [12]").

- First, make sure that logical sorting is selected under "Options"
-Under RegEx[1]:
Match (.+)_.+
Replace \1
This should leave only the vin

-Under Numbering [10]:
Mode Suffix
Start 1
Incr 1
Sep _
This should append _1, _2, _3, etc.

Hope this helps.

Since you do this on a daily basis, this would be an ideal application for Bulk Rename Command in a batch file (once Jim has a chance to implement regular expression logic in BRC).
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