2 file extensions same number HEEELP!!

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2 file extensions same number HEEELP!!

Postby Reverentx » Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:01 pm

I am doing some karaoke files
the files is in two ext. .mpg and .cdg
The files look like this:
# - Years & Years - King.cdg
# - Years & Years - King.mp3

i need to replace the # with a continuing Numbers
my start number is 016025 (needs to keep the leading 0)
the files should ends looking like this:

016024 - Calvin Harris - Let's Go
i have looked around in the forum and my guess is:
in Numbering(10) start need to be set to 016025
in RegeX needs a formula in Match and in Replace

is it like this:
RegEx (1)
Include Ext. NOT checked

just a guess??

But i can't guess what?

can some one help me please
thank flemming
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