Need help transitioning from GUI to Command Line

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Need help transitioning from GUI to Command Line

Postby joeg@bang » Sat Apr 30, 2016 6:06 pm

Hello everyone! Wanted to say that this utility rocks in the short time i have been testing it and am now ready to take it to the next level by attempting to automate it.
I have image files that get autogenerated from my photo system and in order to make them "sortable", i have used the gui version to remove data, add data, and then finally move the files from the source drop folder into a sorting folder.

the autogenerated files look like this:

breakout: C_IMG_CLIENT_16JOBNUMBER_SHEET#_W1_F/B.extension

actual: C_PNG_JOE_1603508_sheet1_W1_F.ppf

Expected result: 1603508_PNG_sheet1_w1_F.ppf

So what i have done in the GUI version is activated
Remove (5): Crop Before 16
Add (7): Insert _PNG at pos. 8
Filters (12) Mask *_PNG_* Files check box on
Copy/Move to Location (13) Path d:\Final\PNG\ Copy not Move unchecked.
This gives me the results i need in the GUI.
Basically, i am filtering out by IMG type in this case PNG, i am cropping everything before the digits 16*****, i am then adding the PNG back into the name but after the job number_, and the sheet1_w1_F part is unchanged. The Job number is actually a date with the 16 up front being the current year so that number will change next year to 17*****.

Any help is appreciated. I can't get the crop part to work when i tried using the command line. I used the /Cutfirst:n command but the CLIENTNAME varies so this didnt help. I dont see a crop before command. i also used the /PATTERN:"*.ppf to select only the file extensions that i needed since the program also dumps small text files in the same folder. I tried /regexp: (*16) (y) \1\2 and /removefirstn:1

Thank you

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