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Re: Add a space before each capital letter in the file name

Postby trm2 » Tue May 05, 2020 11:43 pm

Thanks but the array support is not there - QB supports character arrays where each element gets assigned individually and your seems to support direct
assignment of the entire string in which elements can be extracted. Qb would require parsing first then the parsed elements assigned into the array.

QB doesn't have string comparisons using direct ASCII values (>'@') but would have to use some form of ASC to convert and then compare.

Finally the parsing you use is based on the aforementioned direct extraction of the array in conjunction with the direct comparison
of the ASCII values. This would not be a simple conversion even maybe not possible - but my programming days are long behind me so I could
be wrong in this assessment.

Anyone out there willing to give it a shot? I was going to include the BASIC example, but if others and I cannot reproduce the results using affordable
means, I will have to pull it. That Basis language I couldn't even get a price - not on the website.

I thank you anyway if this is not possible.
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