Sequence of numbers at end of file name

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Sequence of numbers at end of file name

Postby EgOn » Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:56 pm

I really hope this isn't a duplicate question and I have searched with no result.

Problem: I am importing some files into a TV app and each file contains multiple 'episodes'. They are labelled sequentially. I have everything knocked down/corrected to the following input/starting point.

Input (assume Season 01):
Show 01.avi
Show 02.avi
Show 03.avi

Desired Output:
Show S01E01E02E03.avi
Show S01E04E05E06.avi
Show S01E07E08E09.avl

I already have 'remove' 'add' and 'replace' in effect and my RegEx is producing no results. I know how to get it to: "Show S01E01", "Show S01E03" but can't figure out how to add the next 2 E numbers to the trailing end.

I hope this makes sense and any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you VERY much!
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