Adding Song Track time to filename.

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Adding Song Track time to filename.

Postby Vinkske » Sun Nov 28, 2021 4:30 am

Hi there ...
I stumbled onto your website as I'm looking for a renaming tool for my HUGE collection of MP3's ...
I'm a DJ-Hobbyist and would like to rename my files so they include the LENGTH of the song/track ...
(so that I would get : Artist - Track name - [MM.SS].ext ...)
I have found some basic renaming tools that permit me from renaming the file based on the ID3 tags, so the Artist - Track name part was already covered until now
but now I would like to include the track time too (to differentiate different versions of same song).
However, if I use Windows Explorer (Win 10) and go to File-Properties
it is listed there. Please advise if en how your tool could help me achieve this ...

Kind regards,...

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