Problems with Regex and non-ascii characters

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Problems with Regex and non-ascii characters

Postby shmidman » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:04 pm

I find that when using the regex replacement, BRU does not successfully match non-ascii characters. For instance, let's say I have the following replacement set up in BRU:
find: (....)
replace: \1A

If the filename is "aaaaaaaaaa", the new filename will be "aaaaA" (it takes the first four characters from the filename and adds an A)
However, if my filename is not a series of the letter "a", but rather a series of the Hebrew letter Aleph repeated 50 times, then the \1 backreference group ends up empty, and the resulting filename is simply "A"

I noticed that a few months ago someone else posted a topic entitled: "RegEx do not work on names with umlauts". Presumably this is the same issue. However, there were no responses to the the latter topic on the forum, so I figured that I would take the opportunity to broaden the issue to all non-ascii chars in general.

Is there hope for a resolution for this issue?
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