Keeping old file after rename?

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Keeping old file after rename?

Postby AtTheBeach » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:40 am

Hello. Great Utility Mate, thanks much! ... Once I got past the shock. :oops: The ability to auto append folder name to the file is outstanding.

I didn't see this in the forums, please forgive if it's a dup. I setup a batch to replace 0folder w/null and append the folder name as prefix to result in foldername.jpg and do this throughout Subfolders. Section 2 is set to keep and the only other entry is 0folder.jpg for selections. I did this successfully on a folder w/94 0folder.jpgs, then 95 and then I thought 72. I then did it on a folder w/19 and noticed all 0folder.jpgs were deleted after new file was created. I went back and 11 0folder.jpgs were deleted in the folder w/72. The 94 and 95 runs were good netting both original and new files. Doesn't seem possible that a partial run failed?!

Note: Some of the renames failed in all runs as foldername.jpg already existed and I quickly pressed yes to continue (which may have netted the partial of 72).

Now, all runs delete the original, even non 0folder.jpg renames. I have reset and reset all criteria, uninstalled/reinstalled (I didn't succeed in deleting the .dll but didn't try hard), and all runs delete the original. Overwrite target files is not ticked but it's behaving like it is. Anyone experience this or know of a hidden db file I can go shoot?!

Again, thanks and Cheers!
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