Is it possible to change how "Prevent Duplicates" works?

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Is it possible to change how "Prevent Duplicates" works?

Postby ToniVC » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:11 pm


I'm using Bulk Rename Utility mainly to rename photos. I make use of EXIF data to build the new names with date and time info about when each picture was taken. For photos taken in the same second I use "Prevent Duplicates" option and it works perfectly well.

But, is there any way to change how this option works? I mean, I would like to use "+n" instead of "_n" for duplicate file names. I suppose it can't be done because it's hardcoded. But, may I suggest the exact form of the extra part of the filename added to duplicates could be selected in future BRU versions? I, for one, would appreciate it :wink:

What I'm doing right now to solve this "problem" is execute BRU two times, one for changing the filename to reflect date and time, and a second one just to change the "_" to "+" in duplicates. Is there a way to do it with just one BRU execution?

Thanks in advance 8)
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