Prefixing a folder and all files within it

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Prefixing a folder and all files within it

Postby t34 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:44 pm


A fantastic utility here. Something I have used a great deal and has saved me many, many hours of tedium... however, I can't find a way to do the following...

I have a large number of folders (~1000), each of which contain anything between one and a few dozen files. Each folder related to a different product, and the files within them relate to the product in question.

So I might have:

product one folder >
- - - product one file.jpg
- - - product 1.png
- - - one product.doc
another product folder >
- - - file.psd
- - - another file.xls

I now want to prefix each folder and all the files within that folder with a product code prefix (leaving the rest of the file and folder names unchanged). So, afterwards I wand to end up with:

000001 product one folder >
- - - 000001 product one file.jpg
- - - 000001 product 1.png
- - - 000001 one product.doc
000002 another product folder >
- - - 000002 file.psd
- - - 000002 another file.xls

I can obviously do this on the folder contents and then the folder itself in two different actions, but is there any way that I can prefix both the containing folder and all its contents in one action (with 1000 folders the former method requires a LOT of scrolling, searching, refreshing, etc).

Any help massively appreciated!
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